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Golfing insurance

This cover is only available under the Platinum single trip or annual policy)

  • If you have paid the additional premium to include golf
    cover and the cover is shown on your certificate, cover
    sections T-V inclusive apply:
  • What You Are Covered For:
    The Insurer will pay, up to the amount shown in the
    Schedule of Benefits, for accidental, loss theft of or
    damage to golf equipment which you own.


What You Are Covered For:

  • If your own golf equipment is:
  • a) lost, stolen or damaged, 
  • b) misdirected or delayed in transit by more than 12 hours,
    the Insurer will pay for the cost of hiring you the necessary
    golf equipment for each 24 hour period you are without
    your own golf equipment,
  • up to the amount shown in the Schedule of Benefits,
  • subject to any amounts claimed under Section T.

Golfing Equipment£1,500 with a single item limit of £300£50
Golfing Equipment Hire£25 per day up to £200Nil
Non Refundable Golfing Fees£75 per day up to £300Nil

Golf Equipment covered:

  • Golf Clubs,
  • Golf Bags,
  • Golf Shoes,
  • Golf Trolley.

For further information see policy wording document.